Windows 7, deal with network adaptor issues

We have one 6530b HP laptop machine with us, which has gone through half dozen formats, mainly due to issues with network adaptor. The last format was performed 2 weeks back and realized one important factor. If windows finds a proper driver for your network adaptor, NEVER NEVER try to upgrade the driver using OEM or chip manufacturer drivers!

We were doing the same mistake always as the driver configured by Microsoft dates back to year 2009 beginning. Once the driver set by Microsoft untouched, the network related issues are almost non-existing right now.

Hope this information is useful for those who have few years old hardware and a new age OS like Windows 7!

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How to reproduce the darn “Additional log on information may be required” Windows “false” error message.

Are you feeling glad? During last few updates, Microsoft has fixed(?) this annoying notification to a greater extend. However if you want to reproduce this error do the following:
Disable your network adaptor.
Connect your computer to another available connection (Preferably to a tethered connection)
Disconnect from the new network
Enable your default connection

Now watch the notification popping up and the network connection with “famous” yellow triangle (Warning) until next restart.

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Windows 7 “Additional log on information may be required”

Ok! We are losing the count with addressing this peculiar issue. After almost a month without seeing this “stupid” notification, we faced this dreaded notification popup from day before!

All the previous tried workarounds turned futile and we figured out, until the ISA client not installed, Windows 7 doesn’t popup this message. Please be reminded, we are dealing with a domain network issue and the solution is exclusively for following scenario:

  • Windows 2008/Windows 2003 Domain Network
  • ISA 2006
  • Clients running either Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 64/32bit professional clients
  • ISA Webproxy, ISA Secure_NAT clients

The latest fix worked out was, changing the default gateway of client computer with ISA 2006 Server’s interal IP address (AKKA secure_nat client). The moment the default gateway address was changed the dreaded notification stopped poping up!

We hope, we wouldnt see the same notification for a while now, leaving a big question “Should one use both firewall client and Secure_NAT at the same time”. Earlier we were told that one shouldn’t!

Windows7bugs team, Kuwait