Are you in Kuwait & looking for free trainings on Oracle technologies?


Hey, are you in Kuwait & looking for free trainings on following Oracle technologies/topics?

  1. Oracle database 10g onwards : Basics (Installation, level 1 interactions with database, sorry no advance level DBA activities)
  2. Oracle developer suite 6i, 10g & 11g : Basic & Advanced
  3. SQL/PLSQL (Oracle): Basic & Advanced
  4. Weblogic Server 10.3.6: Basic & Advanced (Collaborative)
  5. Oracle E-Business Suite: Concepts, basics, technical advanced level involving first level DBA activities like cloning and simple patching
  6. Linux: Basics which can help you to manage Oracle products on Linux (Red Hat Linux, Oracle Unbreakable Linux, CentOS)

& more

Feel free to drop me a e-mai address (please avoid absolute account names like, instead use abc at xyz dot com format to avoid spams reaching your inbox)l, contact numbers (post them like 9 9 9 9 1 2 4 5) with the comment session and I’ll contact you. As the topic header says, I’ll provide you free sessions based on my available timings

Language(s) I can handle

  1. Malayalam
  2. Tamil
  3. Hindi
  4. English

And you as a “student” must have a laptop/notebook with minimum 4GB memory and 500GB HDD (internal or external) to carry out the exercises. I won’t go to your place, you will to my place :)



for Windows7bugs


Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Internet explorer 10 “unidentified”


Just 24 hours back, I made another attempt to setup a vision instance at home using VM templates from Oracle and, guys, it was a total success *grin* (Will post the installation steps later, stay tuned, it is loads of fun!)

However I was stuck with an issue, the html/jsp pages will not render properly in Internet Explorer 10 (I am using Windows 8 Pro 64bit) and started with my favorite search toy “google” once again




I came across a blog post from Oracle discussing about the certification path here

and within the thread there was another reference towards a later blog entry, which explained the certification details(here). Unless you are in a hurry, you shouldn’t miss the minimized quote says

Compatibility Mode for IE 10 + EBS 12

To prevent issues with certain OA Framework pages, you should run IE 10 in “Compatibility Mode.” See the “Known Issues” section in Note 389422.1 for more details.



How to? have a look at the below images


That’s all Smile


hope the post was useful for minimum few out there




Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 Templates, Deploying over VirtualBox using Oracle VM Server & VM Manager


When we decided to launch this blog, we made a promise to ourselves that we will never cut and copy something from a webpage or blog unless we try it out and make sure that, whatever we post here will be 100% tried out solution.

So guys, here we are once again, proving many geeks wrong and virtualizing the virtualization and bringing up Oracle 12.1.3 Vision instance, using Oracle VirtualBox!


We will publish a whitepaper towards setting up the entire exercises involved in setting up the entire stuff in coming days, sure guys it is bit too much and we need time to put everything in proper places! So stay tuned

follow @w7bugs on twitter. We will post the developments with the documentation(s)