Windows 10 Technical Preview | VirtualBox | Full Screen

Trust me, I never try a new OS without testing it thoroughly using Oracle VirtualBox! So is the case with bugs filled Technical Previews of Windows 10 as well. One of the annoyance I had with the builds was, the VirtualBox display driver failing to load/install when the extension packs are installed. That forced me to browse through  multiple VirtuaBox forum entries and there were multiple suggestions (few of them using setextradata switch), and came across one of them suggesting, enabling the Virtual Machine with 3D enabled under display properties.

Does it work? Yes!

Currently I am using VirtualBox 4.3.26, the latest release with Hyper-V disabled over my Windows 8.1 as host and Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10061 as guest OS


Please find below the VM’s display settings

Windows 10 TP Display Settings

Enjoy guys!

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Windows 10 Technical Preview, Issues downloading updates

A technical preview is NOT meant for everyone, a many things have bleeding edges, many of favorite programs may not work, so such releases are meant for brave hearts, who want to jump in savor the raw taste of painfully ripening fruit.

Well, less said, if you are one of them and came to a situation like all of a sudden your Windows 10 preview build stops downloading updates, however, showing “downloading 0%” you may try the following

Open Windows services (run -> services.msc)
Stop the Windows Update Service (You have to try couple of times to stop it successfully)
Using explorer or run command %windir% to access “Windows” folder
Locate “SoftwareDistribution” folder
Open the folder and delete all the content (Please note, this will possibility remove all the log entries for previously installed updates). Administrator privileges will be required for completing this act
Once the files are deleted, restart the windows update service.
Return to Windows update page, retry the update

That should fix the annoyance until next occurrence!

Cheers guys,

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